Technician positions: Quantitative genetics/bioinformatics/molecular biology

Aloha! The USDA-ARS Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center (Geib Lab) and University of Hawaii Manoa (Rubinoff Lab) have funding for entry level technician positions in the area of population genetics/quantitative genetic/bioinformatics.
The research project is focused on utilizing genomic approaches for improving detection and identification of pest Tephritid fruit flies. Most of the work involves analyzing populations of Tephritid fruit fly species using genome-wide analysis techniques towards marker discovery and developing assays for determination of source populations. The duties are largely split between computational biology/bioinformatics and wet lab molecular biology/genetics. For computational components, it will largely consist of analysis of NGS data, focusing on population biology, linkage mapping/QTL, genome assembly, annotation, and analysis. There are also opportunities to develop novel software and algorithms.
Minimum requirements:
• BS in biology, genetics, computer science, or related field
• Background in genetics/genomics and knowledge of linux/unix, scripting, etc.
• Experience with wet laboratory protocols such as PCR and nucleic acid extraction
Preferred requirements:
• MS in biology, genetics, computer science, or related field
• Completion of coursework in computer science
• Experience with NGS library preparation and molecular approaches
• Experience with molecular cloning, injection-based RNAi and/or targeted genome editing techniques
• Experience with insect husbandry and performing directed mating crosses in tephritids

We have advanced computing resources in house, automated laboratory instrumentation, and a very active research program. Based on the qualifications and interest of the applicant, they may be assigned only computational tasks, only molecular biology tasks, or a mixture of both.

Salary is ~$35,000/yr, hired through University of Hawaii Manoa, and the job will be stationed at the USDA-ARS Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center in Hilo, HI (on the Big Island of Hawaii). Funding is secured for 1 year, with a second year of funding pending. If interested, please contact Dr. Scott Geib at and submit CV and contact for at least 3 references.

Scott Geib, PhD
Research Entomologist-Insect Genomics
USDA Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center
64 Nowelo Street Hilo HI, 96720


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