Course Syllabus 2016

Insect Genetic Technologies: Theory and Practice 2016

Meeting Announcement

The Syllabus for 2016 will be very similar to the Syllabus for 2015

Lecture TopicsCourseSchedule:

●Insect Embryogenesis and Development
●Genome Editing
●Transposon Technologies
●Site-Specific Recombination Technologies
●Binary and Conditional Transgene Expression Systems
●Gene Silencing Technologies
●”Drive” Systems
●Hazards, Risks, Regulations and Responsible Conduct of Research

Laboratory Topics:

●Insect Rearing for Genetic Modification
●Embryo Microinjection
___needle manufacturing
___embryo collection & pre-injection preparation
___injection strategies
___post injection handling of embryos
●Constructing a Microinjection System
●Larva/Nymph/Adult Injections
●Transgene Detection
___dominant markers
___insertion site determination
●CRISPR/Cas9 Guide RNA Design
●CRISPR Guide RNA Assessment & Mutation Detection

Insect Systems:

Drosophila melanogaster
●Aedes aegypti
●Anopheles stephensi
●Anopheles gambiae
●Tribolium castaneum

Lucilia serricata
●Bemisia tabaci

●Other systems possible based on student interests.

*this syllabus may change slightly

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