Genetic Manipulation of Insect Cell Lines

Two papers in the December issue of Genetics, Cherbas et al. 2015 and Manivannan et al. 2015, describe an improved method for making Drosophila cell lines with single, targeted mutations. Both works build upon existing recombination-mediated cassette exchange (RMCE) technology […]

Transgenic Effectors for Neurogenic Manipulation

Genetic technologies will continue to play an increasingly important role in enabling the function of specific neurons in insect behavior to be determined. The genetic technologies available for manipulating Drosophila melanogaster provides not only great examples but some of these […]

Q System: Flies, Worms – Now Fish

“Transgenic tools for manipulation of gene expression are invaluable for labeling and tracking cell populations and for assessing genetic and cellular functions in developmental, physiological and behavioral studies.” (Subedi et al. 2014) The Gal4/UAS system is the most widely used […]