Another High-Fidelity SpCas9 Nuclease

Kleinstiver et al. describe in Nature their successful efforts to create high-fidelity SpCas9 nuclease variants that have high on-target efficiencies and low or no off-target effects.  The results are SpCas9-HF1. When using Cas9 or other engineered nuclease systems one hopes […]

CRISPRscan – A Tool Aiding Selection of CRISPR-Cas9 gRNAs

Just published online in Nature Methods, Moreno-Mateos et al report testing the activities of >1200 gRNAs in zebrafish embryos and used the results to create an algorithm for predicting gRNA efficacy. The advent of the CRISPR-Cas9 system has revolutionized genome […]

“CHOPCHOP”ing with CRISPRs and TALENs: A New Web Resource for Genome Editing Design

With the growing influence and applicability of genome editing technologies, TALENs and more recently CRISPRs, offer genetic capabilities to an ever growing list of organisms. In turn, as more and more researchers become interested in using these technologies, a common […]