Precise and Efficient Nucleotide Substitution Via Noncanonical Homology-directed Repair.

In a recent paper in Genome Research Nakajima et al. 2018 propose an efficient gene editing strategy by nucleotide substitution that overcomes three general problems associated with current methods. First, indels caused by the traditional Cas9-induced Double Strand Breaks (DSB), […]

Synthetic Interspecies-like Incompatibility

Engineered synthetic species-like barriers were recently described by Maselko et al (2017) in Nature Communications and the work has interesting implications for genetic control strategies and gene drive containment. There is an ever-increasing interest in manipulating natural populations using genetic […]

Reversible Light-Regulated Cas9

Yuta Nihongaki and colleagues have recently published a paper in Chemistry & Biology where they have utilized a photoinducible dimeriza­tion system named Magnets to reversibly regulate Cas9 activity offering researchers a unique system for regulating gene expression. CRISPR-Cas9 system has become […]