Staff Research Associate, II Microinjection

Under general supervision of the Principal Investigator and Lead Specialist, the incumbent will perform microinjection experiments in the James Lab. This work requires a combination of journey level knowledge and skill in insect microinjection and insect husbandry. The incumbent will be involved in the microinjection and transgenesis experiments of mosquito vectors of diseases. The incumbent is expected to undertake research projects as assigned, make innovative contributions pertaining to experimental procedures, and is responsible for adhering to Standard Operating Procedures for the laboratory and insectary.
Working knowledge of microinjection equipment and techniques in insects.
Knowledge of genetics (basic and population), basic biochemistry, chemistry and basic molecular biology methods including PCR, oligonucleotide primer design, DNA sequencing, plasmid preparations, restriction enzyme digestions, sterile techniques and media preparation. Experience with general lab equipment: centrifuges, gel electrophoresis apparatus, power supplies, spectrophotometers. Experience with computers (PCs and/or Macs) and statistical analyses. Ability to present data in written and oral formats.
Ability to work as a contributing team member
No allergies to vertebrate animals or mosquitoes
Must NOT be color blind
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