Publishing Opportunity: Metal homeostasis and detoxification in insects

Stephanie Mohr, Ph.D.,
Director of the Drosophila RNAi Screening Center.

Dr. David W. Killilea, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute.


Do you work on metal homeostasis and/or detoxification in insects?





Drs. Stephanie Mohr (Harvard Medical School) and David Killilea (Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute) are putting together a Frontiers Research Topic volume with the title: “Metal Biology Takes Flight: The study of metal homeostasis and detoxification in insects.”


“We’d like to get some attention to what we feel is an under-appreciated yet interesting topic with connections to human health. And ideally, to build new bridges between researchers using Drosophila and non-model insects to explore this topic.”


“We are eager to have a mix of Drosophila research and research in other insect species represented in the collection of manuscripts that will result.”


  “We’re interested not just in research articles but also review or mini-review, methods, etc.”


The deadline for submission is September of this year

Contact Stephanie Mohr directly

Here is more information about the Research Topic


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