Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mosquito Genetics and Genetic Control

A postdoctoral position in mosquito genetics and genomics is open in the Department of Entomology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel, Rehovot) in the lab of Dr. Philippos Papathanos. The position is available for two years and is partly funded by a Faculty PostDoctoral Fellowship.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) is one of Israel’s premier universities. The host lab is located in the beautiful Rehovot campus, a 25 minutes train ride from Tel Aviv and across the street from Weizmann Institute. The department of entomology is highly vibrant and international environment with groups working on a variety of insects and subjects.

The lab aims is to build new biotech tools for the genetic control of populations in the wild and in the laboratory. We use synthetic biology and computational genetics to build tools that promise to revolutionize the way human societies can sustainably tackle harmful insects. The successful applicant will likely focus on the development of novel genetic strategies to control mosquito diseases vectors including gene drives or other next generation self-limiting strategies. There is also opportunities for the postdoc to develop and grow further her/his own research interests within those of the laboratory

We are seeking highly motivated candidates who have completed their PhD (or have completed all steps required) with experience in any of the following fields genetics, synthetic biology, computational biology or a closely related field.

Experience in molecular biology is required.
Experience and background in Computational biology, for example RNA-seq analysis, is a plus

This full-time position can start immediately. Interested candidates are welcome to contact Dr. Philippos Papathanos. Please send a CV, list of publications and contact details of 2-3 references.


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