Thanga Suja Srinivasan
Research / Technician
Sathyabama University, India
Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

Areas of Expertise:
Plant-Insect interactions

Research Organisms:
Nilaparvata lugens, Sogatella furcifera and Nephotettix virescens


Research Focus:

Thanga Suja Srinivasan
Plant Molecular Biology lab
Sathyabama University, Chennai

Research area:
My research focuses on rice- planthopper interaction mechanism. Numerous resistant genes and QTL`s have been identified in rice for planthopper management. However the plant- and leafhoppers are able to adapt to the resistant genes within a few years of deployment and the exact mechanism of hopper adaptation to resistant genes is still not well known. The primary objective of the lab is to study the mechanism of hopper resistance and to develop strategies for a durable, broad spectrum and eco-friendly pest management approach.

For achieving the primary goal both plant induced response and insect adaptation mechanism are studied in detail. Changes in rice phloem proteome in response to intra and inter specific planthopper feeding and phloem sap contents in resistance breakdown are studied in detail. In addition the role of insect gut symbionts in insect adaptation to insecticides and resistant genes is explored. Also targeted gene mutagenesis in generating gene knockout mutants of brown planthopper and testing their efficiency for fecundity and transmission to subsequent generations is studied.
Thanga Suja Srinivasan