Sethuraman Veeran
Graduate Student
South China Agricultural University
Guangzhou, Guangdong China

Areas of Expertise:
Insect toxicology and Molecular Biology, Baculovirus, Botanical pesticide

Research Organisms:
Sf9 Cell line, Spodoptera litura, Helicoverpa armigera


Research Focus:

Working on Autophagy, Apoptosis cell death and cell signaling pathways mechanisms in Lepidopteron insect In-vivo and In-vitro. I am also interested and working in understanding the molecular mechanism underlying the process of Nucleophagy, my findings demonstrate for the first time “Nucleophagy or Nuclear Autophagy” in insect cell.
Insect virus host interactions, isolations of new baculoviruses (NPV and Gv) and Entomopox viruses for biological control. Enhancing the effectiveness of nucleopolyhedroviruses through incorporation of enhancing inclusion proteins by midgut damage and other mechanisms.