Sajleen Phagura
Graduate Research Assistant
Graduate Student
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA USA

Areas of Expertise:
Molecular Biology, Mosquito Genetics

Research Organisms:
Aedes aegypti


Research Focus:

Prior studies in our lab has showed the Cry11A toxin binds to specific receptors that modulate its toxicity (Chen, Aimanova, and Gill, 2017; Lee, Aimanova, and Gill, 2014). However, at low toxin doses in wild-type mosquitoes, and at higher doses in Cry11A-resistant mosquitoes, the larvae are able to overcome these toxin doses. Mechanisms by which these changes occur are not known. Data from other investigations in the lab show that midgut cells can respond by a variety of mechanisms, possibly through changes in transcripts involved in cellular proliferation and differentiation. To fully understand these cellular responses in the Aedes larval midgut, the target of Cry11A action, my research objective is to characterize both the cellular and the matrix components of Ae. aegypti larval midgut.