Rajendhran Rajakumar
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Student
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA USA

Areas of Expertise:
Developmental Genetics, EcoEvoDevo, Evo-Devo, Epigenetics, Evolutionary Biology

Research Organisms:
Ants, Drosophila melanogaster, cartilaginous fish


Research Focus:

I received my Ph.D. in Biology at McGill University in the lab of Ehab Abouheif studying the developmental basis of caste evolution in ants at the level of genes, hormones, and epigenetics. I was then a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Martin J. Cohn at the University of Florida, where I used skates and sharks to investigate the evolutionary and developmental origins of key vertebrate traits. As a post-doc in the Perrimon lab, I am utilizing Drosophila genetics to address some of the elusive mechanistic questions that I have generated over the years with non-model organisms. With ants as a comparative model system at various biological levels (cells, organs, physiology, sociobiology) and Drosophila as a parallel model approach, my goal is to address broad questions in genetics, development, and evolution.