Nsa Dada
Research Fellow (Entomology)
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA USA

Areas of Expertise:
Mosquito microbiome, disease vector-associated microbes, mosquito (micro)biology and control, insecticide resistance

Research Organisms:
Mosquitoes/Disease vectors


Research Focus:

Drawing upon a multidisciplinary background and varied areas of expertise, my interests lie at the interface of the (micro)biology and control of parasites and disease vectors, and encompass both basic and applied research, aimed at informing disease control programs. Currently, my focus is on elucidating how disease vector-associated microbes shape host physiology and ecology, in particular, how host microbiota may be impacted by and/or contributing to the development of insecticide resistance in malaria vectors. I utilize both classical and advanced molecular biology tools to explore this in field populations of malaria vectors. My work has so far focused on parasites and disease vectors across West Africa, Southeast Asia and most recently, Latin America and East Africa.