Nanxia Fu
Graduate Student
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
Jena , Thuringia Germany

Areas of Expertise:
molecular biology, biochemistry, protein expression and purification,GC MS, LC MS

Research Organisms:
leaf beetles


Research Focus:

Chrysomelina beetles are chemically protected throughout the life cycles. In the relatively vulnerable larval stage, two chemical defensive systems co-exist. The first system is based on the volatile defensive compounds stored in the dorsal glandular reservoir. The second chemical defensive line relies on the toxic 3-NPA that stored in the form of untoxic isoxazolin-5-one glucoside ester in the hemolymph of the larvae. In the glandular secretion based defensive line, the deterrent in the glandular secretion varies from iridoid (autogenous species) through aldehyde (sequestering species) to esters (mixed species). My PhD researches focus on the following aspects:
• Crystallization and structure analysis of a Phaedon cochleariae isoprenyl diphosphate synthases (Pc IDS1).
• Identification and characterization of geraniol 8-hydroxylase involved in the iridoid-based first defensive line.
• Identification and characterization of enzymes catalyzing N-oxygenation in the 3-NPA based defensive line.
• Elucidating the enzymes’ adaptive mechanisms that contribute to evolution of the chemical defense in chrysomelina beetles.