Michelle Brown
Vice President & Chief Scientist
Olfactor Laboratories Inc
Riverside, California United States

Areas of Expertise:
vector and nuisance insects, electrophysiology, chemical biology

Research Organisms:
mosquito, bed bug


Research Focus:

Olfactor Laboratories, Inc. (OLI) is designing and developing innovative products that can be part of the world-wide strategy to significantly reduce diseases spread by insects and lower the general nuisance caused by their proximity to humans.

Our initial research is focused on mosquitos as they are a major cause of the spread of many debilitating and potentially lethal diseases around the world. By using safe chemicals to disrupt the insect’s olfactory system (the primary mechanism used in locating a human or other animal to use as a source of a blood-meal), OLI’s efficient and cost-effective products will seek to protect humans and livestock from the blood seeking insects. This represents a true paradigm shift in the war against vector insects and the diseases they transmit.