Michael O. Kusimo
Research / Technician
Centre for Research in Infectious Disease, Research Unit of LSTM
Ifako-Ogba, Lagos Nigeria

Areas of Expertise:
Cloning, Site directed & random mutagenesis, heterologous expression of recombinant protein, protein purification and detection, enzyme kinetics and HPLC analysis

Research Organisms:
Anopheles mosquitoes, Tenebrio molitor & Daphnia


Research Focus:

1) Food safety: pesticide residues in food crops and vegetables
2) Antimicrobial resistance: identification of new lethal agents with broad-spectrum to combat the menace of antimicrobial resistance
3) Biotech: halochromic agents for colour indicators
4) Genomics: inactivation and screening of chromosomal genes
5) Proteomics: development of amber temperature stable enzymes in lieu of cold chain logistics