Mary Adewole
Graduate Student
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Ibadan, Oyo Nigeria

Areas of Expertise:

Research Organisms:
Cowpea weevils


Research Focus:


I am a young graduate female researcher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture (Crop protection) from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (2010). I have concluded a Master of Science Degree (2015) (Entomology) in the Department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology, University of Ibadan with a Ph.D grade. Quest for more knowledge and desire to be an academia, a researcher and voice to reckon with in in the academic research world (Agriculture) have informed my stride to apply for further study to acquire Ph.D. I have been offered admission to begin the programme at University of Ibadan Ibadan Nigeria
I have research experiences spanning the last five years in horticultural crops (Okra, cotton, jute mallow, kenaf and roselle) and stored agricultural produce (legumes and cereals), having worked and published two articles on flea beetles of okra, and the control of cucumber and cowpea insect pests on the field and in laboratory respectively. In order to expand my research frontiers for the development of sustainable agriculture in my institution and Nigeria at large, for my doctoral programme, I planned to look into insect endosymbionts with close relation to insect and host-plant interaction; this area requires molecular genetics and biotechnology tools; which must be assessed and utilized appropriately for future pest control strategies using endosymbiotic bacteria. I am also an awardee of the prestigious fellowship of the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) (2015) and as an AWARD fellow, I have undergone a series of training and workshop on academic research proposal writing, mentoring and leadership.

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Adewole, Mary Modupe (Miss)