Mark Rheault
Associate Professor
Faculty Member
University of British Columbia
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

Areas of Expertise:
Electrophysiology, Molecular Biology, Epithelial Transport, Toxicology, Malpighian tubule physiology

Research Organisms:
Drosophila melanogaster, Aedes aegypti, Rhodnius prolixus


Research Focus:

Our lab strives to understand how transporting epithelia of insects such as the, salivary glands, midgut, Malpighian tubules, hindgut and anal papillae of various insects play a role in the ionoregulation, osmoregulation, and the excretion of potentially toxic endogeneous or exogenous compounds. In order to elucidate mechanisms responsible for these phenomena our lab uses an integrative approach which includes gene level to to whole organism studies.