Laura Boykin
Faculty Member
The University of Western Australia
Crawley, Western Australia Australia

Areas of Expertise:
Species delimitation, phylogenetics, high performance computing, genomics

Research Organisms:
Bemisia tabaci, Diaphornia citri, Bactrocera sp., Anastrepha


Research Focus:

I am interested in invasive species (Influenza, Hepatitis C, Carribbean Fruit fly, Whitefly, Asian citrus psyllid, Gypsy moth, Aphid parasitoid, and the Oriental Fruit Fly). My expertise in genomics, phylogentic theory and utilisation of supercomputers has made a substantial contribuion to understanding the evolutionary history of the invasive species. My most influential work has come from contributions (12 publications) to understanding the evolutionary relationships of the whitefly (Bemisia tabaci), the vector of the devastating Cassava Mosaic Viruses.