Judith Willis
Professor Emerita
Faculty Member
University of Georgia
Athens, GA USA

Areas of Expertise:
cuticular proteins

Research Organisms:
Anopheles gambiae


Research Focus:

We study the structural cuticular proteins of Anopheles gambiae. Anopheles devotes about 2% of all its protein coding gens these proteins. We have annotated the genes, established the presence of the corresponding proteins in the cuticle with LC-MS/MS analyses. We have published expression patterns for most throughout development. Others have implicated some in insecticide resistance and in the difference between M (now An. coluzzii) and S forms.
We have used in situ hybridization to learn where the genes are expressed and immunolocalization on EM sections to learn where in the cuticle the proteins are localized. Current work is directed towards expanding these studies and attempting to interfere with the synthesis of cuticular proteins that appear to play very precise roles.

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