Josephine Reinhardt
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Student
University of Maryland College Park
College Park, MD USA

Areas of Expertise:
Genomics, Evolution, Genetics

Research Organisms:
Stalk-eyed Flies, Drosophila


Research Focus:

I am currently studying several aspects of the genomics of stalk-eyed flies (Teleopsis dalmanni), which are best known as a model for sexual selection and meiotic drive. Recently, it was also discovered the T. dalmanni have a sex chromosome distinct from both the ancestral X and the X in Drosophila, making them an interesting comparative model for aspects of sex-chromosome evolution. We recently released a transcriptome assembly as part of an analysis that identified genes that are differentially regulated in males carrying a driving sex chromosome. We are currently assembling and annotating the T. dalmanni genome. We are deeply interested in creating reverse genetic tools in T. dalmanni in order to determine whether candidate genes for meiotic drive are actually involved in drive, and to understand the function of some unusual gene families on the novel X chromosome.