Farzana Yesmin
Research / Technician
Radiation Entomology and Acarology Division, Institute of Food and Radiation Biology
Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh

Areas of Expertise:
Entomology, Cytology, Cytogenetics, Pest Control and Management, Sterile Insect Technique

Research Organisms:
Fruit fly, dipteran insects, other economically important organisms


Research Focus:

Agriculturally important fruit fly pests (Order Diptera, Family Tephritidae, Genus- Bactrocera, Zeugodacus) are major economic pests in Bangladesh. Almost every year they harm agricultural sector approx. 25- 30% here. My research focuses on utilizing insect pest control techniques to perform research that supports the development and execution of environmentally acceptable and sustainable strategies for the control/management of tropical insect pests. The goals of my research are to develop a foundation of fundamental information on Tephritid fruit flies, Bactrocera, Zeugodacus spp. and make use of this information to build up novel sustainable means of control/managing these pest species in Bangladesh.