Dimitrios Kontogiannatos
Postdoctoral Student
Agricultural University of Athens
Athens, Attika Greece

Areas of Expertise:
RNA interference, Baculovirus-mediated gene expression, Insect functional genomics

Research Organisms:
Sesamia nonagrioides, Tribolium castaneum, Leptinotarsa decemlineata


Research Focus:

I am studying the use of RNAi technology in several aspects of Insect Science, like functional genomics, endocrinology and pest management (Baculovirus, bacterial-mediated dsRNA delivery and direct transfer of dsRNAs) in the Lepidopteran species Sesamia nonagrioides.
 I am also working with insect cell lines and baculovirus technology in order to express and biochemically characterize important developmental genes of several insect pests.

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