brian weiss
Research Scientist/Scholar and Lecturer
Faculty Member
Yale School of Public Health
New Haven, CT USA

Areas of Expertise:
Vector Biology

Research Organisms:
Tsetse flies (Glossina app.)


Research Focus:

My research focuses on deciphering the interactions between arthropod disease vectors and the microorganisms they house. Specifically, I work with the tsetse flies, which vector African trypanosomes. These parasites are the causative agents of human and animal African trypanosomiases in sub-saharan Africa. Tsetse also harbor a community of symbiotic (maternally transmitted) and transient (environmentally acquired) bacteria that modulate many aspects of their host's physiology. I am interested in learning how tsetse's microbiota 1) regulates the development and function of the fly's immune system, and 2) can be harnessed to reduce the fly's ability to transmit trypanosomes.