Anna Whitfield
Associate Professor
Faculty Member
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas United States

Areas of Expertise:
Plant-virus-vector interactions

Research Organisms:
thrips, planthopper, and aphid vectors of viruses


Research Focus:

My research is devoted to investigating plant-virus-vector interactions at the molecular level with the goal of developing a better understanding of the complex sequence of events leading to virus acquisition and transmission by vectors. The virus life cycle is inextricably linked to fundamental host processes and this intimate association poses a challenge for plant virologists searching for ways to develop novel control strategies that specifically attack the infection cycle of viruses without compromising the health of host plants. Using a systems approach, we hope to identify the commonalities and unique features of the virus infection cycle in arthropod and plant hosts. New knowledge gained from the study of virus-host relationships will enable the development of strategies that disrupt the cycle of disease in the field.

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