Amber Trujillo
PhD Student
Graduate Student
New York University
Brooklyn , New York USA

Areas of Expertise:
Genetics, Human Evolution, Wet-lab Biology

Research Organisms:
Humans, Mosquitoes, Malaria


Research Focus:

My dissertation aims to investigate how has the coevolutionary relationship between humans and other primates, mosquitoes, and mosquito-borne diseases impacted human and primate evolution? To do this, I will explore 1) how primate immune response has both influenced the evolution of and been influenced by malaria and malaria-like parasites (host-pathogen coevolution), 2) how these immune responses have undergone evolutionary change across the primate order in response to malaria and malaria-like parasites (host-pathogen coevolution), 3) how genetic variation in the vector influences host-choice (host-vector coevolution), and 4) how natural selection on genetic variants related to mosquito attractiveness (host-vector coevolution) and malaria response (host-pathogen coevolution) may have affected the human and primate genome.