CRISPR/Cas Web Resources

Web Resources for design and planning of CRISPR/Cas9 studies

from Bassett and Liu (2014) CRISPR/Cas9 and Genome Editing in Drosophila. J. Genetics and Genomics 41, 7-19 doi.10.1016/

Name Link Brief description Reference
Drosophila CRISPR web resources
OxfCRISPR (Liu Lab) Oxford Fly CRISPR Resources Bassett et al., 2013
CRISPRflydesign (Bullock Lab) Offers Cas9 transgenic stocks n/a
DRSC CRISPR finder (Perrimon Lab) A web tool to identify CRISPRs for fly study Ren et al., 2013
FlyCas9 (Ueda Lab) Provides reagents, protocols and online tools for genome engineering by the designer nuclease Cas9 in Drosophila Kondo and Ueda, 2013
flyCRISPR (O’Connor-Giles Lab, Wildonger Lab and Harrison Lab) Fly CRISPR resources Gratz et al., 2013
flyCRISPR discussion group!forum/flycrispr-discussion-group A forum for sharing developments, insights, ideas and asking questions related to fly CRISPRs Gratz et al., 2013
Fly target sites (Zhang Lab) For application of Cas9 for site-specific genome editing in eukaryotic cells and organisms Hsu et al., 2013
General CRISPR resources
Addgene CRISPR plasmids A collection of CRISPR plasmids and reagents n/a
Crass: The CRISPR Assembler A program that searches through raw metagenomic reads for CRISPRs Skennerton et al., 2013
CRISPI A web interface with graphical tools and functions allows users to find CRISPR in personal sequences. Rousseau et al., 2009
CRISPR Discussion Forum!forum/crispr A forum to discuss Genome Engineering using CRISPR/Cas systems Cong et al., 2013
CRISPRmap Web server provides an automated assignment of newly sequenced CRISPRs to standard classification system Lange et al., 2013
CRISPRs web server A gateway to publicly accessible CRISPRs database and software including CRISPRFinder, CRISPRdb and CRISPRcompar Grissa et al., 2007a, Grissa et al., 2007b and Grissa et al., 2008
CRISPRTarget Predicts the most likely targets of CRISPR RNAs Biswas et al., 2013
E-CRISP A software tool to design and evaluate CRISPR target sites n/a
Goldstein Lab CRISPR A genome engineering resource for the Caenorhabditis elegans research community Dickinson et al., 2013
Joung Lab CRISPR A genome engineering resource for zebrafish research community Hwang et al., 2013
Zhang Lab Genome Engineering CRISPR genome engineering resources website Cong et al., 2013
ZiFiT target design tool Identifies potential target sites in DNA sequences Sander et al., 2007 and Sander et al., 2010
n/a, not available.