Insect Genetic Technology Providers

The IGTRCN is aggregating information about Insect Genetic Technology Service Providers.
This is an initial list of both commercial and non-commercial providers located in North America.
We will be happy to include providers outside the United States, please provide that information.
You can supply additional information as a comment and it will be incorporated into this list.

For insects other than Drosophila melanogaster
  1. The Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Insect Transformation Facility, University of Maryland
    • The ITF is an international resource for the creation of genetically modified insects, development of new modification technologies, and provides training in the use of insect modification technologies. It also provides a variety of services related to the creation of transgenic insects including embryo microinjections, transgenic strain production and characterization. The IBBR ITF has an abundance of experience with mosquitoes including Aedes aegypti, Anopheles stephensi and Anopheles gambiae; Tribolium castaneum, non-melanogaster Drosophila species, other Diptera and Lepidoptera. The IBBR ITF can work with clients to develop protocols and methods for use in insects of their choice.
  1. Genetic Services, Inc. –SEE BELOW


For Drosophila melanogaster
  1.  Drosophila Core Facility, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    • The Drosophila Core Facility has been established to provide the Mount Sinai research community with the infrastructure to conduct genetic experiments using Drosophila melanogaster as model system. The facility provides the generation of transgenic animals through germ line mediated P-element transformation via embryo injections and this service is also available to research labs outside of the Mount Sinai campus.
  2. Mutation Generation and Detection Facility, University of Utah
    • The Mutation Generation and Detection Facility specializes in providing custom TALEN and Crispr-Cas9 DNA nucleases to induce targeted mutations in a genomic region of your interest. TALEN and Crispr-Cas9 DNA nucleases are a cutting edge technology for performing reverse genetic studies in multiple model systems, including, but not limited to Zebrafish, Drosophila, C. elegans, and mammalian tissue culture. The Core provides customized TALE activator proteins for activating expression of your gene in its native locus


  1. Best Gene
    • We provide high quality Drosophila transgenic service to both research institutions and companies. We offer you partial to full service ranging from DNA preparation, embryo microinjection, screening and balancing crosses. P-element Transformation, PhiC31 integrase-mediated transgenesis systems – P[acman] and FlyC31, CRISPR, TALEN or ZFN Genome Editing
  2. GenetiVision
    • DNA preparation, DNA injection to produce transgenic flies: P-element, site-specific,and MiMIC, Selection of transgenic flies following DNA injection, Balancing of transgenic insertions following selection
  3. Genetic Services, Inc.
    • Injection Services, Custom Services, Drosophila Injections, Fosmid & Bac Injections, Non-melanogaster Injections, Mosquito Injections, TALEN, CRISPR and Zinc Finger Injections, Drosophila Virgin Collection, Mapping & Balancing
  4. Rainbow Transgenic Flies, Inc.
    • Multiple injection options: P-element, phiC31, MiMIC, RMCE, Zinc Finger, TALENs, CRISPR, Piggybac and customized injection services RTF/GFP/YFP/v+/y+/w+ screening services
  5. Transformations Express
    • Provides P-element based and phiC31 based injection and transformation services

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