IGTRCN Organizes ICE2016 Symposium on Genetic Technologies

ICE2016The IGTRCN – Symposia Working Group has successfully secured a program position at the International Congress of Entomology in 2016.

The symposium

Insect Genetic Technologies: State of the Art and Promise for the Future

promises to be an broad and deep look at the state of the art provided by 10 experts:

Koen Venken  Genome engineering in Drosophila
Luke Alphey  Engineered sterile insects: from lab to field
Alfred Handler Genetic engineering of fruit fly genome for population control
Kevin Esvelt  RNA-guided gene drives for engineering pest populations
Hanfu Xu Silkworm transgenics
Marce Lorenzen Trials and tribulations associated with transforming a non-model organism
Antonia Monteiro The origin of novel complex traits addressed with transgenic experiments in butterflies
Stephanie Mohr Functional genomics techniques in Drosophila and their potential application in non-model insects
Martin Beye Genetic technologies in honeybees
Ben Matthews Genome engineering with CRIPR-Cas9 in the mosquito Aedes aegypti

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