How to Participate

Step 1. Create an account.
As a first step, please create an account. This will give you access to the website. You will only have to create an account once. In the account, you will be able to add your social media information and select your password. You must create an account before you can log into the site. When you create your account, you will also become a subscriber to our mailing list. We will send periodic announcements about IGTRCN activities. You may opt out of emailings if you wish.

Step 2. Join IGTRCN.
To participate in the IGTRCN, add your profile to the database of IGTRCN insect scientists. Your profile includes contact information and basic professional information. The database may be used by participants to identify scientists with knowledge of and expertise with specific genetic technologies for the purposes of consultation or collaboration.

Step 3. Participate
Once you have created an account and joined IGTRCN, you may perform other actions such as make submissions and apply for training fellowships. You must have an account, be logged in, and have joined the IGTRCN in order to participate in IGTRCN activities.