Graduate student position available

The Merlin lab is looking for an enthusiastic graduate student who has a keen interest in working on butterfly migration and/or circadian biology. Our lab uses cutting-edge integrative approaches ranging from molecular to cellular to behavioral approaches to understand the genetic and epigenetic basis of animal migration, and how insect circadian clock have evolved. Our interdisciplinary approaches offer great training opportunities in a wide range of new genetic and genomic tools (genome editing using CRISPR, various genome-wide sequencing techniques such as RNA-seq, ChiP-seq, etc), as well as in insect biology and circadian biology. Previous laboratory experience and work with insects is preferred, but not required.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Christine Merlin ( at the Department of Biology at Texas A&M University to discuss possible projects, and should apply to one of the following graduate programs: Biology Graduate Program (, Deadline December, 1), Genetics Program (, Deadline January, 15), EEB Program (, Deadline December, 15), Neuroscience Program (, December, 15).


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