Genome Size Estimates – Sevices Available

Do not guess the size of your organism’s genome size.

Genomes sizes vary widely, even between closely related species.

It is common for informed guesstimates to be off by 20 % t0 300%. How then can you make informed decisions about coverage, cost and percent completion?

We determine genome size on a regular basis for a wide range of organisms, but specialize in Arthropods. Send us a line. We like collaborative work, but will also do estimates at cost. For single species requests our costs are typically $300 for 5 replicates of each sex of a given. For exotic species, where we have no experience, we charge up to $1200 to develop appropriate standards and refine methods as required to ensure the estimate is accurate and precise.


J. Spencer Johnston, Professor

Department of Entomology
2475 TAMU
College Station , TX 77843-2475
Office Phone: (979) 845-8295



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