EvoDevo Postdoc at University of Maryland

A postdoctoral position is available to study the function and evolution of the Ftz-F1 family of nuclear receptors in insects. Ftz-F1 is the founding member of the NR5A family of nuclear receptors that regulates segmentation in insects and a variety of processes in vertebrates including cholesterol metabolism and sex determination. The specific project will study (1) mechanisms regulating Ftz-F1 activity in Drosophila and (2) variation in the expression patterns of ftz-f1 in Drosophila, Tribolium and other insects. The position is available starting in early 2016 for two years with potential extension. The position will initially be supported by grants from the NSF and NIH but applicants are expected to apply for independent fellowships. Experience in biochemistry (particularly DNA-protein interaction) molecular genetics, evo-devo or Drosophila genetics is preferred but not required. Please send CV and names of three people from whom letters of recommendation may be requested to Leslie Pick (lpick@umd.edu).


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