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Driving into doublesex

Kyrou et al. (2018) in a recent paper in Nature Biotechnology report identifying a highly conserved target site in the Anopheles gambiae fertility gene doublesex (dsx), that cannot tolerate mutations. They built a gene drive targeting this site in dsx […]

Improved HDR-Mediated Genome Editing

Jose Arturo Gutierrez-Triana and colleagues from Heidelberg University report in eLIFE a CRISPR/Cas9 based methodology that simultaneously decreases donor DNA multimerization and increases HDR single-copy integration. A common obstacle that CRISPR/Cas HDR mediated genome editing faces is the accurate and […]

New SpCas9 With Expanded Target Range

Nishimasu et al. (2018) recently reported in Science on their finds related to a new SpCas9 modification referred as SpCas9-NG that has an expanded target range. The authors directionally mutated the wild-type SpCas9 enzyme to achieve its relaxed preferences to the […]

Parallel Cloning by Site Specific Recombination

Blanco-Redondo and Langenhan (2018) report recently in G3 valuable improvements in the  φC31 system that enable the simultaneous targeted integration of two transgenes into distinct landing sites using a single source of  φC31 recombinase. The development of modern genetic engineering […]

Y-chromosome transgenics using CRISPR/Cas9

Buchman et al (2018) from Tata Institute of California University reported in Insect Molecular Biology the use of CRISPR/Cas9-HDR system in order to insert transgenes to specific sites of the Drosophila melanogaster Y chromosome. In addition they investigated its usage […]

Switchable Genome Editing

  A recent manuscript by Suzuki et al (2018) demonstrates an effective method to control the expression of  CRISPR Cas9 based molecular components with a small molecule. Existing methods for controlling Cas9 suffer from high background activity and/or use compounds […]

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