The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS) will soon announce the availability of multiple Biological Scientist positions within its Biotechnology Risk Analysis Programs. These are permanent GS 12/13 level positions suitable for individuals with expert knowledge of the tools of modern biotechnology as applied to the agricultural/biological sciences as well as knowledge in one or more of the following: plant science; plant breeding and genetics; molecular biology; plant pathology or related microbiology or virology; entomology; agronomy; weed science and ecology; pest and weed management; crop and seed production and management, plant taxonomy; tree biotechnology; pest and weed risk assessment and other closely aligned scientific disciplines.

USDA-APHIS Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS) is responsible for the coordination, development, and implementation of all matters and functions pertaining to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) regulation of biotechnology as it relates to plants and plant pests, and acts as liaison on matters involving biotechnology between agencies within USDA and between USDA and governmental and private organizations.

The incumbent will be responsible for providing authoritative expertise in diverse areas of biotechnology and the biological sciences through the administration of APHIS regulations governing the introduction of certain genetically engineered organisms. They will serve as a source of information on a variety of biotechnology matters, and in doing so, will constantly develop and apply their unique expertise in this emergent scientific/regulatory specialty.

Location and Work Environment
The positions are located at the APHIS Riverdale, Maryland offices. This location provides direct access to BRS managers and staff, as well as other regulatory agencies, all of which are headquartered in the Washington, DC area. There would also be the opportunity to interact with scientists in academia and elsewhere who are involved in cutting edge research in genetic engineering.

Application Process
The job will be announced and the application process will be managed through USAJobs The position will be advertised as a Biological Scientist, 0401, GS 12/13 level. United States citizenship is required for the position. If interested, please create a profile in USAJOBS to prepare your application documents in advance and set up an alert, as the position will be open for a very short period. Recommended documents include transcripts, a CV/resume, and a cover letter. Resumes should list technical skills along with education, experience, publications, and other typical resume information, and should demonstrate that you have the specialized experience required for the position.

Please visit to learn more about USDA career opportunities and for information about USDA-APHIS BRS. USDA/APHIS is an equal opportunity employer.


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