Arthropod-Specific Workshops/Symposia at 2020 Plant & Animal Genomics Conference

There will be three Arthropod-specific Workshops/Symposia at the 2020 Plant & Animal Genomics Conference (Jan. 11-15). In addition to the long standing “Arthropod Genomics and Genome Engineering” symposium, which will feature Zach Adelman who will talk about the use of gene-drive systems in mosquitoes, there will also be a new symposium, “Application of New Genomic Tools and Techniques in Arthropods”, in which Valentino Gantz will present a novel split-gene drive system. The third symposium, “Farmed Insects to Feed Future Populations”, will cover topics ranging from genome sequencing and assembly to the application of CRISPR/Cas9 to edit the genomes of farmed insects. For more information see:


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