A Collection of Methods for Editing Insect Genomes

Methods CoverThe August 2014 issue of METHODS is devoted to the topic of “Editing and Investigating Genomes with TALE and CRISPER/Cas Systems: Genome Engineering Across Species Using TALENS



Five of the 14 protocols included in this issue are specifically focused on insect systems.  In all cases prior publications reported the successful demonstration of the technology’s  functionality in the species of interest while here the authors provide a very detailed set of cookbook-like instructions for those wishing to attempt either TALE- or CRISPR/Cas-mediated genome editing.

There are many similarities among the protocols but notable differences as well.  For those considering the use of these technologies in any insect, these protocols will be useful in designing an effective protocol.

Genetic Technology Delivery by Embryo Microinjection

Genetic Technology Delivery by Embryo Microinjection

Common to all is the absolute requirement that these technologies be delivered by microinjecting preblastoderm embryos in order to deliver the programmed nucleases to germ-line genomes.


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