2017 IGTRCN Technical Workshop A Great Success

2017 IGTRCN Technology Workshop attendees and instructors

The IGTRCN’s technical workshop was held from July 23 – 28 and was a great success.  There were twentyfour ‘students’ ranging from Associate Professors to early stage graduate students all with a common interest in getting a firm grip on the theory of contemporary insect genetic technologies and the essential laboratory skills required to implement them.

Gene Editing Module involved extensive work on designing and evaluating gRNAs using a variety of online tools.

Iliano Coutinho-Abreu from the NIH practices insect embryo injections. Much time was spent on this exercise involving many insect species.

There were participants from Korea, Argentina, India, England and the United States.  In addition to 9 lectures on various aspects of insect genetic technologies the students spent 8 hours per day in the laboratory where they learned how collect and prepare insect embryos for microinjection, manufacture microinjection needles and microinject embryos.  The students had an opportunity to work on 11 different species of insects – Diptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Heteroptera, Hymenoptera.

Daniel Hasegawa from the USDA/ARS enjoying his success in injecting insect embryos.

Lectures were given by instructors and guest lecturers with expertise in various insect genetic technologies.  Most of the laboratory training was done by the staff of the University of Maryland’s Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research’s Insect Transformation Facility.

Insect Transformation Facility’s Director Rob Harrell and IGTRCN Workshop Instructor speaking with Kadri Oras from Cambridge University’s Fly Facility.

This was the third IGTRCN Technical Workshop and by all accounts was a great success with student leaving well prepared to embark on their own projects with confidence and considerable skill.

The next IGTRCN Technical Workshop will be July 22 – 27, 2018, with the deadline for applications April 2, 2018.  Applications for this workshop will begin in the Fall of 2017.


Bill Reid leads the Gene Editing module. Students left very satisfied with Bill’s mentorship, giving them an understanding of some of the tools available for helping them in their gene editing experiments.


Channa Aluvihare of the Insect Transformation Facility (white lab coat) instructs students in the preparation of embryos for microinjection.








2017 Workshop Schedule


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