Research Scientist Position Opening

Dr. Donald Jarvis is seeking a motivated individual to serve as a Research Scientist for GlycoBac, LLC (, which is a biotech spinout created to refine and commercialize glycoengineered baculovirus-insect cell platforms developed in his academic lab at the University of Wyoming ( The successful candidate will contribute to our core efforts to create and characterize new glycoengineered baculovirus-insect cell systems for basic research and/or enhanced production of vaccines, therapeutic antibodies, and other glycoproteins for direct biomedical applications. You also will contribute to our efforts to isolate and characterize insect cell lines lacking adventitious viral contaminants to enhance biosafety in the baculovirus-insect cell platform. Finally, you will invoke your own knowledge and creativity to expand GlycoBac’s ongoing efforts to advance baculovirus-insect cell technology as a research tool and bio-manufacturing platform.

Minimal qualifications: Ph.D. and training in laboratory methods in Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Virology, Glycobiology, Cell Biology, or a related field; primary publications in refereed English language journals; strong written and verbal communication skills.

Preferred qualifications: Strong experimental design and data interpretation skills. Hands-on lab experience in methods of molecular biology, virology, and/or glycobiology, recombinant DNA technology, the baculovirus-insect cell system, protein expression and purification, carbohydrate analysis, vaccine development, and/or therapeutic antibody development.

The working environment and lifestyle in Laramie, WY, a small Rocky Mountain Western college town, are outstanding and the cost of living is low. The salary will be $47,500 per year, with a generous benefits package. To apply for this position, please download and fill out the application form and send the pdf, together with a cover letter describing your scientific background, interests, and qualifications, AND your curriculum vitae to, with a reference to GlycoBac RS0117 in the subject line. This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is identified.
GlycoBac, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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