Postdoctoral Position, Mosquito Molecular Genetics and Physiology

The O’Tousa laboratory at the University of Notre Dame seeks a postdoctoral scientist to study the molecular underpinnings of the mosquito visual system. The project goals include the creation and characterization of CRISPR-knock out mutants in which key components of the Aedes visual system and the Aedes circadian clock have been disrupted. There are two major objectives. First, we seek to understand the cellular processes by which dramatic fluctuations in rhodopsin cellular location and content are regulated during the light-dark cycle. Second, we will use these strains to investigate the importance of vision and light-mediated physiology in specific mosquito behaviors such as host seeking, blood feeding, and mating.
The effort requires laboratory skills and career interests in rapidly developing tools for genetic and molecular biological manipulations of mosquitoes, notably CRISPR-mediated knock out technologies. Other desirable skills include insect tissue dissection/staining, confocal microscopy, mosquito rearing, and protein blotting.
The University of Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Indiana, located 90 miles east of Chicago, Illinois. The scientific environment for vector biology at Notre Dame is excellent and benefits from the programs of Notre Dame’s ECK Institute of Global Health
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