Salim Ansari
Graduate Student
Georg August University, Göttingen
Göttingen, Lower Saxony Germany

Areas of Expertise:
Genetics, Molecular biology, Gene expression etc.

Research Organisms:
Tribolium castaneum


Research Focus:

I am one of the screener in the iBeetle project which is a genome-wide RNAi screening in red floor beetle, Tribolium castaneum. Our aim is to knockdown each & every gene of Tribolium castaneum by RNAi technique. We have following three main purpose from iBeetle project.
1. To identify the genes from those process which is either not present in Drosophila (stink gland, embryonic leg development etc.) or difficult to study (head involuted).
2. To make the Tribolium as efficient complementary screening platform to identify the function of conserved gene which is not easy to do in other organism.
3. To overcome the candidate gene approach.