Mridula Gupta
Research / Technician
Punjab Agricultural University, Regional Research Station, Faridkot
Faridkot, Punjab India

Areas of Expertise:
Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Bioinformatics

Research Organisms:
A. biguttulla biguttulla, B.tabaci


Research Focus:

Presently, I am working as Research Fellow at Punjab Agricultural University, Regional Station,Faridkot, Punjab, India. The prime focus of my research is to identify the vital targets/ genes in Bemisia tabaci, A. biguttulla biguttulla and Earias sp, which are amenable to RNAi. We are
trying to target osomregulation in hemipeteran insect through downregulation of aquaporin, calcitonin like receptor and diuretic hormone (DH-31). In Earias sp our focus is on disruption of ecdysis and other vital physiological process such as vitellogensis. We are also trying to improve the efficiency of RNAi in hemipeteran and lepidopteran insects using nanoparticles (chitosan and carbon quantum dots). My future research interests are RNAi based tools for the management of
insect-pest through disruption of vital physiological, insect genetic transformation and gene editing.