Lucia Proietti
Postdoctoral Student
Central University of Venezuela
Hialeah, Florida USA

Areas of Expertise:
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Parasitology, Protein

Research Organisms:
Trypanosoma brucei, evansi, vivax. Human erythrocytes, lumbricus terrestris


Research Focus:

In my bachelor degree ( from Central University of Venezuela): I worked with Trypanosoma evansi and then I got some ability in trypanosomes diagnosis by PCR and supported the experiments about recombinant protein between T vivax cysteine protease and HSP70.

In my PhD (from Ferrara University, Italy): I worked with T brucei 6PGDH. I studied:

- Oligomerization state by different biochemical techniques
The binding characterization by microcalorimetry.

My first and last postdoctoral position (Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) Department of Structural Biology): I worked with muscle protein and I got some experience in mass spectrometry.