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Containing Genetically Modified Insects

Four recently published papers on containment issues concerning genetically modified insects. 1. Recommendations for Laboratory Containment and Management of Gene Drive Systems in Arthropods.  Benedict Mark Q., Burt Austin, Capurro Margareth L., De Barro Paul, Handler Alfred M., Hayes Keith […]

Recreating tra-2 Alleles in D. suzukii

Li and Handler (2017) have recently reported using CRISPR/Cas9 to make a temperature-sensitive transformer-2 (tra-2) allele in the pest species Drosophila suzukii by mutating the nucleotides orthologous to the Drosophila melanogaster tra-2ts2 allele. This study demonstrates an important proof of […]

Yeast Interfering RNA Larvicides

Mysore et al. recently reported in the Malaria Journal their successful development of a number of Anopheles larvicides consisting of yeast expressing specific siRNAs. RNAi has attracted considerable attention as a pest control tool, particularly in the agricultural space.  In […]

Synthetic Interspecies-like Incompatibility

Engineered synthetic species-like barriers were recently described by Maselko et al (2017) in Nature Communications and the work has interesting implications for genetic control strategies and gene drive containment. There is an ever-increasing interest in manipulating natural populations using genetic […]

The CRISPR Journal

In early 2018 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. will begin publishing The CRISPR Journal.  Their publishing interests are broad and manuscripts are being solicited for inclusion in their inaugural issue in early 2018. This is from the journal’s website: “The rampant […]

Anti-CRISPR Proteins

The intense selection pressure that CRISPR/Cas systems placed on viruses has resulted in the evolution of a number of anit-CRISPR proteins meant to silence this bacterial ‘immune system’. Dong et al (2017) report on a database they constructed that aggregates […]

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