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IGTRCN Launches on April 1

The National Science Foundation Research Coordination Network: Insect Genetic Technologies began on April 1, 2014. This five-year project will foster the spread of insect genetic technologies among insect scientists by linking insect-research communities with an abundance of knowledge and functional […]

2014 Annual Meeting of the ESA

IGTRCN Organizes Program Symposium at ESA, November 2014

The IGTRCN has organized and is sponsoring a Program Symposium at the ESA annual meeting in November 2014. The Symposium is The Futures of Insect Genomics: A Grand Challenge of Entomology and was organized by Angela E. Douglas, Kristin Michel […]

Arthropod Genomics Symposium

Arthropod Genomics Symposium + IGTRCN in 2015 !

The Arthropod Genomics Symposium continues to be a popular and very useful meeting for those interested in insect genomics and its application to a wide array of biological problems. The program is always well constructed, the speakers excellent, and the […]

IGTRCN Trainees – Fall 2014!

The IGTRCN is working to diffuse knowledge and technology from those who ‘know’ and ‘have’ to those who do not but need to. The Peer-to-Peer Training Fellowships are intended to facilitate the process by providing modest resources to encourage interactions. […]

International Short Course on Insect Transgenesis: Shanghai, China March 16-20, 2015

International Short Course on Insect Transgenesis. (download poster) Applications are now being accepted. The workshop will provide a small number (~15) of rigorously-selected graduate students, postdocs and early-stage faculty an opportunity to learn how to plan and carry out transgenesis […]

5th International Entomopathogens and Microbial Control Congress

“The Fifth International Participated Entomopathogens and Microbial Control Congress” Ankara, Turkey   September 9-11, 2015. Entomopathogens form an interesting area of research in pest management as being one of the most important tools of environmetally-friendly, applicable and effective pest management strategies […]

Genetic Technology Delivery by Embryo Microinjection

IGTRCN Technical Course 1.0 a Great Success!

Beginning on August 17, 2015 25 scientists from laboratories of 9 countries were immersed in the theory and practice of insect genetic technologies and left at the end of the week exhausted but well trained and with a solid foundation […]