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Gryllus bimaculatus3

standard How to Edit a Cricket Genome: A Method

Crickets, and Gryllus bimaculatus in particular, are the subjects of research of neurobiologists, developmental biologist and others. Genetic technologies to foster the functional genomic analysis of these insects are in high demand even though these insects have a relatively long [...]


standard Transgenic Underdominance: Pushing Transgenes into Populations.

Insect population replacement and suppression using transgenic strategies are being considered for insects of medical and agricultural importance. Rapidly increasing the frequency of transgenes in target populations after transgene release using genetic drive systems remains a significant challenge. Driving transgenes [...]

Network Announcements


standard FlyBase Helps Launch IGTRCN

FlyBase is “A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes” sent email notifications of the IGTRCN’s launch to its subscribers.  The success of the IGTRCN will depend very much on tapping into the technologies and technological knowledge within the fly community. [...]

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standard IGTRCN in Entomology Today

Entomology Today is blog feature of the Entomological Society of America that features current and interesting news relevant to the insect science community. The ESA was helpful in launching marking the IGTRCN ‘going public’. ESA’s cooperation and support are [...]

Peer-to-Peer Training Fellowships.

standard Fellowships Available!

Application Deadline: October 1, 2014 The IGTRCN announces its first Request For Applications for Peer-to-Peer Training Fellowships. IGTRCN Peer-to-Peer Training Fellowships are intended to support knowledge and technology development and dissemination among insect science communities. Fellowships will consist of up [...]


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standard Input Needed!!! IGTRCN Short Course

The IGTRCN Workshops Working Group is beginning their development of the Insect Genetic Technologies Short Course to be held in the Summer of 2015. The final date is still being considered and if you know of other meetings next summer [...]



standard Hessian Fly Polytene FISH

Cytogenetic analysis using FISH in combination with polytene chromosome preparations is a powerful tool. Characterization of genetically modified insects can benefit greatly from this type of analysis. Here is a protocol used for Hessian Fly Polytene FISH analysis provided by [...]

Injecting Insect Embryos

standard Insect Genetic Technology Providers

The IGTRCN is aggregating information about Insect Genetic Technology Service Providers. This is an initial list of both commercial and non-commercial providers located in North America. We will be happy to include providers outside the United States, please provide that [...]