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standard Active Recombinant Tol2 Transposase

Ni et al (2016) report successfully expressing and purifying Tol2 transposase and demonstrate its activity in vitro and in vivo.  Although they were working with zebrafish the system they describe might be of some interest to insect biologists. Tol2 is […]


standard In Vivo CRISPR Multiplexing in Insects

Port et al 2016 have posted in bioRχiv a manuscript describing a system and set of vectors for producing multiple CRISPR gRNAs from a single RNA polymerase II or III transcript in Drosophila, resources that will  enhance the CRISPR toolbox […]


standard Brake System for Gene Drive

Wu et al (2016) in February’s issue of Nature describe how they have developed a brake for a Cas9 gene drive system. This is an interesting correspondence reflecting how the field has shifted from proof-of-principle of Cas9 gene drive systems […]


standard Rational Design of Transgenic Experiments

Gregory et al (2016) have published a very interesting meta analysis of piggyBac transformation data in Insect Molecular Biology that is worth taking a look at if you are thinking about making transgenic insects. The focus of the study is […]

tdTomatoEnhancer Anopheles

standard Finding Transcriptional Enhancers

In a recent issue of BioTechniques, Voutev et al. (2016) describe a fast, efficient, and effective method for the in vivo identification of transcriptional enhancers using transgenic reporter genes. Enhancer discovery is a critical aspect of functional genomics studies that […]

Network Announcements


standard 2016 IGTRCN Technical Short Course – APPLY NOW!

2016 IGTRCN Technical Short Course on Insect Genetic Technologies: Theory and Practice July 24 – 29, 2016 The Insect Transformation Facility Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research University of Maryland College Park Applications by May 2, 2016  (24 seats available) […]


standard Training Fellowships Available $US4000

The IGTRCN offers small fellowships to support peer-to-peer training on insect genetic technologies or insect genetic technology development. Up to $3000 for travel and per diem for trainee.  Up to $1000 for costs incurred by host laboratory during the training. […]


standard Tribolium Genome Editing Service:

TriGenES, the Tribolium Genome Editing Service is a specialist in embryonic microinjections. It offers services ranging from gRNA cloning and gRNA in-vivo validation to embryonic injection of CRISPR/Cas9 as well as transposon mediated transgenesis and screening for edited animals. Based […]

Positions Available


A postdoctoral research associate position is available to conduct industry-supported research in the laboratory of Dr. Bryony C. Bonning in the Department of Entomology at Iowa State University. The project deals with modification of toxins derived from Bacillus thuringiensis for […]


standard PhD position: RNAi in pest control (Germany)

The Department of Evolutionary Developmental Genetics at the Georg-August-University Göttingen (Prof. Bucher) and BAYER (Crop Science Division) are looking for a PhD Student. The position should be filled by April or May 2016. The regular working hours will be 25,87 […]


FlyFacility, Cambridge University.  A insect genetic technologies service provider and resource

standard Fly Facility, University of Cambridge, UK

Insect Genetic Technologies Service Provider – Drosophila – Non-commercial Fly Facility, University of Cambridge, UK – Our Drosophila microinjection service is available to fly researchers throughout the European Union. We can inject flies (including non-melanogaster Drosophila species) for P-element/piggyback […]

Service Providers

standard Insect Genetic Technologies Service Providers

Insect Genetic Technology Service Providers If you would like to add to this list use the “Make a Submission” button and select “Knowledgebase” For insects other than Drosophila melanogaster Non-Commercial The Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Insect Transformation Facility, University […]


standard CRISPR/Cas Web Resources

Web Resources for design and planning of CRISPR/Cas9 studies from Bassett and Liu (2014) CRISPR/Cas9 and Genome Editing in Drosophila. J. Genetics and Genomics 41, 7-19 doi.10.1016/ Name Link Brief description Reference Drosophila CRISPR web resources OxfCRISPR (Liu Lab) […]


standard CRISPR In Drosophila

Comparison of CRISPR genome engineering studies in Drosophila from Bassett and Liu (2014) CRISPR/Cas9 and Genome Editing in Drosophila. J. Genetics and Genomics 41, 7-19 doi.10.1016/ Reference Gratz et al., 2013 Bassett et al., 2013 Yu et al., 2013 Kondo and Ueda, 2013 […]